Low-cost bulk mail sending via Mailing Masters

Bulk mail outside the netherlands

Do you want to send your bulk mail to multiple addresses outside of the Netherlands? We can advise you on this and of course you can send your bulk mail cheaper to foreign addresses through Mailing Masters.  Over the years we have built up a good network. The international dispatch of your letters, direct mail, periodicals and packages is in good hands with us.

What is bulk mail

Bulk mail is a larger quantity of mail items that have some common characteristics.  For this batch of mail (parcels) 1 delivery service is requested from a postal dispatch service such as PostNL. The advantage of offering a large volume at the same time is that the rate is lower compared to a single piece rate.

Do you want to send bulk mail?

When you Bulk mail wilt versturen dan dient uw zending aan een aantal voorwaarden voldoen.  Voordat u uw Would you like to offer bulk mail to Mailing Masters? It is therefore a good idea to first take a look at our step-by-step plan. This way you will immediately see whether your volume delivery is eligible for the Bulk mail label

The bulk mail rates, how are they established?

When you your batch delivered via Mailing Masters then we will do everything we can to ensure you benefit from a sharp bulk mail rate. We offer many organizations considerable savings on postage.   Your wishes and requirements for your mailings play an essential role in the determination of the rate at which you send your mail.

Request a competitive quote and save on your postage costs, among other things

Do you have a periodic, sending out direct mail, letterbox packages or letters that you want to send with the label bulk mail? Then contact our specialists. We can advise, assist and/or facilitate you in sending bulk mail.  We are happy to offer you the best possible price for the right quality ratio.

Also for enriching or supplying a database, dtp work, printing, folding envelope inserting and packaging you can rely on Mailing Masters!

sending bulk mail

Delivery of your shipment

When you send any kind of bulk mail, it must meet the following conditions:

  • There is 1 sender
  • The sender is a Dutch postal address
  • The batch is presented collectively and simultaneously at the same location
  • The design of your mailing meets all the requirements of the carrier.
  • You send a minimum of 100 items
  • The mailing will be packed and delivered according to the conditions established by the carrier.

The process of sending bulk mail consists as you can see from the picture below of 3 steps.

Design and fabrication of batch mail

To take advantage of a lower postage rate, your direct mailings, packages, letters and or periodicals must meet a number of conditions. Whether you have a large or small run, the conditions regarding design and production are constant.

Do you have questions about the design of your mailing? Then get in touch with us. We will be delighted to advise and possibly facilitate you in the design, production and sending of your mail pieces.

Choose the conditions and register your delivery

Before we pick up your shipment or before your mail is delivered to Mailing Masters you need to select the right conditions. You choose the delivery speed and the delivery location (in the Netherlands or abroad). You also indicate the formats, the weight, the type of packaging, the size and how the shipment will be delivered. Based on this information, we will provide you with the most competitive rate possible.

The conditions for sending bulk mail are not the same for every transporter. For example, according to PostNl Different requirements than for example DHL or UPS. If you want to send your consignment through Mailing Masters we can tell you exactly what the conditions are.

Have your bulk mail picked up

Do you want to have your bulk mail picked up? That's possible at Mailing Masters . You can choose to use our regular network of carriers or your own courier service can bring your bulk mail to our location. We also have our own transport that we use to pick up bulk mail.  Especially when you urgently need to have your bulk mail collected, our own transportation can be useful

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What is batch mail 72 hours

Bulk mail 72 hours is a delivery speed with which your mail shipment arrives at its destination. This is because when you send your bulk mail you can choose the delivery speed. In the past you could choose from 24 hour consignments of mail, 48 hour consignments and the 72 hour consignment.

Today, the 48 and 72 hour bulk mail delivery has been merged. You get the 72 hour rate and have the possibility that your direct mailing, periodical, letters or packages will be on the mat of the recipients within 48 hours.

What is mixed bulk mail

At Mailing Masters, we also offer cost-effective solutions for sending mixed bulk mail. But what is mixed bulk mail?  Mixed bulk mail is a large volume of mail items offered simultaneously and this batch of mail items may have different packaging, formats, weight and size.  

Starting from how many items is batch mail?

We speak of sending bulk mail When you offer at least 100 identical mail pieces together at a mailing house like Mailing Masters.  This can be the case for an occasional mailing but also for a periodical, which is a mail piece that is sent at least 4 times a year to a larger group of addressees.

Where can you do drop off bulk mail?

You can offer your bulk mail at our location in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. We are pleased to receive your consignment of similar mail bundled and labelled with a bulk-mailer's card.  You can hand in your mail unsorted and unfranked.  Before offering similar mail, we always ask our customers to register the bulk mail first.

Registering your bulk mail You do this by filling out our form. This form states when the consignment will be delivered or must be picked up by us or a carrier. This form also describes the number of items, the size of the mail, the weight and the method of packaging.

Would you like to receive a bulk mail form? Then send us an e-mail. You can also fill out the form below. Based on this information we will send you a sharp quote a.s.a.p. and if necessary we will gladly contact you!

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