The #1 in manual and/ or machine enveloping

What is the meaning of enveloping?

Envelope Inserting  means in short: inserting Letters and mailings, either printed by us or delivered by you, can be inserted. There is the possibility of machine enveloping with 6 items. This can be done on C5 as C4 size. Unfortunately not everything can be inserted via machines. Of course, we can then also manually insert the envelopes for you.

There are many specifications that your product must meet for machining. For more information, please feel free to contact someone on our team

Manual enveloping of, for example, a mailing

Make your mailing an eye-catcher! Do you want to include a special attention with your mailing, or does your mailing have an unusual packaging? Anything our machines can't handle, our experienced and motivated staff in our packaging department will hand-pack and wrap for you.

Because, of course, there are always orders that cannot be processed by machine. For example, sealing leaflets, pasting address labels or putting together packages. The unpacking and repacking of incorrectly packaged batches, or any repairs to incorrectly executed orders.

You can also come to us for this work. With the help of the skilled hands of our packaging department we can process these orders quickly and accurately for you.

Grab attention with a Self-mailer

Add cachet to your mailing by personalizing and designing your mailing in the right way.  A self-mailer A useful variation on the traditional mailing. The cover is also the packaging so the advertising message is absorbed more quickly by the recipient. With the help of personalization, you can strengthen the message even more. Of course, you can also use the Selfmaler as a non-personalized insert or as a direct mailing.

It is made of individual sheets of paper, which are folded and sealed reliably at the sides with self-adhesive dots. Mailing is possible in all formats. Only the design of the registration page must meet the requirements for the respective format.

Machine enveloping

We can also often process complex and multi-part mailings using machine enveloping. For example, does your mailing consist of more than one letter? That's no problem for Mailing Masters.  With our smart machine cutting machines we provide many a customer with a flexible and reliable solution. Depending on your mailing, the various components of your mailing will be assembled and packed!

We have flexible and modern enveloping machines

Our machinery allows a lot of flexibility, as we can machine mailings in all formats from C6 to C4 (up to 8 parts), as well as transparent envelopes. In addition, we also offer our clients intelligent inserting. m

Picking and folding of your mailing

Your mailing can be machine folded and gathered at Mailing Masters. For example, multiple sheets of your mailing can be folded together and inserted via the single sheet inserter.

Frequently asked questions about enveloping

What is enveloping?

Couverting comes from French and means "to wrap, to wrap, to close, to envelop." It is an essential part of a mailing. When a mailing is inserted, individual letter components are assembled with an addressed cover letter or personalized envelope. For your mailing, that means a mailing company like Mailing Masters folds the cover letter and puts it in an envelope.

What is the difference between machine envloping and manual envelope inserting?

Machine insertion can be used for letters in sizes from C6 to C4 and with up to eight parts. Complex envelopes, exclusive mailings and special formats are processed by hand. So not with a couponing machine. With manual enveloping, you can have extensive mailings put together.  It doesn't matter if you include a promotional gift or if your mailing has a special format. We can manually insert envelopes in a wide range of sizes, glues, colors, materials and designs.

What kinds of things can you have enveloped?

At Mailing Master you can include inserting mailings and letters, catalogs, brochures, magazines, corporate gifts, invoices, invitations, your parties mail, election documents, your , direct marketing letters, advertising and promotional materials, notices (property tax, dog tax, etc.) contribution notices and much more.

Do you want to envelope your mailing?

Then we at Mailing Masters are a reliable partner for your job. We have the knowledge and technology to insert your letters flexibly and quickly. Ask for a free quote below.