25+ Commonly used terms from the world of printing and graphics

Graphic terms

Bindingadding a paper wrapper
Combola:combination of letterhead and an OLA (Optically Readable Acceptgiro)
Envelope Inserting(Machine) insertion of documents into envelopes
Data servicesall work related to data processing (editorial work, managing address files, data entry (hardcopy entry of files), digitizing data (pre-press work), processing and analyzing surveys)
Label 3×8:A4 sheet with 24 labels of 70 x 37 mm
Label 2×8:A4 sheet with 16 labels of 105 x 37 mm
Label 2×7:A4 sheet with 14 labels of 105 x 42 mm
Label 2×4:A4 sheet with 8 labels of 105 x 74 mm
Label 2×2:A4 sheet with 4 labels of 148 x 105 mm
Frequency:number of times per year that a similar mailing takes place
Fullfillmentassembling packages or documentation sets, storage and inventory management, relationship and item management.
Handling:all work involved in pre-post processing and preparation for shipment, both manual and mechanical
Ink jets:printing with ink
Setup fee:Cost to set up a machine for a particular job
KIX‐code:barcode under the address that contains the zip code and house number, for automatic mail processing at POSTNL
Mailbag:transparent envelope
Contact information ( Name, address, City)Name, Address, City
nestsfolding of documents
Print runnumber of mail items per mailing.
Risograph:duplicating machine that can print in black or blue through a cold process
Sealbag:transparent envelope
Sealingmachine packing in plastic foil
Sealing with an attachmentplace attachment on document and then seal together
Sealing with inserter:insert attachment between document and then seal together
Setup:Import and conversion of the data files required for a mailing
Striplock closure:self-adhesive closure of an envelope
Synchronous:with two or more personalized or addressed items per mail piece
TP discount:time/place discount, discount by delivering the processed material to a certain place by a certain time
Gathering:merging of documents
Bi-foldApply a single fold to the document
Gate foldFold both short sides of a sheet inward
Roll Foldfolding a document and then folding it again in the opposite direction


Paper sizes
A6:105 x 148 mm
A5:148 x 210 mm
A4:210 x 297 mm
A3:297 x 420 mm
A3+:305 x 440 mm of 305 x 457 mm
SRA3:330 x 487 mm
Envelope sizes
C6:114 x 162 mm
EA5/6:110 x 220 mm
C5/6:114 x 229 mm
EA5:156 x 220 mm
C5:162 x 229 mm
EA4:220 x 312 mm
C4:229 x 324 mm